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New inventory!

There’s lots of information about the challenges of running an online marketplace, but one of the obvious challenges is how to build up both supply and demand.

One of’s newest members, Cathy D, has stepped in on both the demand side and the supply side!

Cathy was keen to hire my Sailor 1911 Standard and my TWSBI Eco (which has a John Sorowka medium cursive italic nib grind), and opted to try the Colorverse Supernova and Diamine Honey Sunburst inks.

Cathy was delighted with both pens and inks and confirmed that she now definitely wants a Sailor (but not in the medium nib which mine has) and is now “over” the Eco (which she previously thought she really wanted).

The hire went smoothly, and the pens came back to me in perfect condition. I also received a hadwritten note (beautiful writing!) with the pens saying she thought pensharing was a great idea, alongside some thoughtful suggestions for improvement. Lovely!


But the real bonus came when Cathy gathered together her pen collection and has put together five new listings for hire!

We’ve got a Faber Castell Loom, Nemosine Singularity (with an architect nib grind – keen to try that!), Fountain Pen Revolution with flex nib, a collection of pens with Extra Fine nibs (to be able to compare east v west EFs), and the classic Platinum #3776 Century with its Soft Fine nib (which I have already hired and eagerly await!)


Thank you Cathy for taking the plunge and helping the pensharing community!



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